Today was a hot day in Los Angeles. It was over 100 degrees. I am happy to be at my desk blogging in 74 degrees! We had talked last time about paying on time every month. This is HUGE! Once you do that for a while, you need to check your credit with Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. Why? Mistakes happen. You have worked hard to reestablish your credit. You need to check it at least once every six months. You also want to obtain your score at least once a year. You need to see what is on your credit report, positive or negative. If you do have negatives, Second Chance Financial can help you. Whether you are in Los Angeles, the valley, inland empire, or out of state, they can assist you.

They can give you an idea of what you need to do with the positive credit you have established as well as the negatives on your report. They will give you specific instructions on what you can do to raise your score. If you are looking to obtain a house or car, a good credit score is imperative to getting a low interest rate.

Even if you do not have negative accounts, please check your credit with the three bureuas. You never know what might be on there that is not yours. Till next time.