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Whether it be credit repair, debt negotiation,  real estate, or insurance services, we’re here to listen & help. Fill out our form, call us, or even stop by our Los Angeles office for your free consultation with one of our experienced agents.

Second Chance Financial is the only credit repair company who goes the extra mile to offer additional services to our clients. We take pride in helping our clients re-establish themselves with a personalized solution for their individual needs.

We’ve helped over 50,000 clients dramatically improve their credit with all the confidence of a money back guarantee. Reach out today to get started on your journey to financial freedom.

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  • Reach out if you need help getting approved for a new credit card
  • We’ll help you get your credit score back on track
  • Maximize your credit score by having positive credit
  • Apply for credit cards & get approved to start building better credit
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Second Chance Financial can help you get prequalified for a home loan

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  • Our team will work with you to get back on track financially
  • Look forward to a new home and a brighter financial future
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Looking for a new car? We’ll help you!

  • We’ve seen people pay up to 22% on auto loans
  • You can save thousands of dollars with good credit
  • Our clients have qualified for interest rates under 6% after working with us
  • Drive off the lot feeling good about your finances
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Schedule your FREE consultation today. We serve Southern California, including Los Angeles, Orange County, the San Fernando Valley, and the Inland Empire. Stop by our Los Angeles office, fill out our form, or call us and get started today.

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Find the help you need with Second Chance Financial’s expert team. Call us today to learn more about how you can raise your credit score, qualify for loans, and get approved for apartments.

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At Second Chance Financial Inc., our credit consultants have over two decades of collective and comprehensive knowledge in the credit report and credit restoration industry. While other credit repair companies have come and gone, Second Chance Financial has been here for over twenty years. With our unique process, we are able to improve credit scores with our credit repair and debt negotiation services.